For the good of the planet is a global platform that raises awareness of the threat to the environment and gives ordinary people the opportunity to benefit from the learning about and being involved in the solution.

As citizens of the planet we all have a responsibility to do our part – and sharing information is a small act that could make a huge difference.

Because without sharing ethical matters and content, the change the world needs will take longer to happen.

The idea of ‘Sharing Matters’ is at the core of Ecovo. Ecovo rewards you for learning and sharing the Ecovo message, it’s only by sharing that our mission can become reality.

Ecovo is a positive force for good

Our goal is to combine education, awareness and action, working to rid the planet of plastic waste, the world’s 2nd biggest environmental threat and leave a better world for future generations.

We explain real-world solutions to address seemingly insurmountable environmental challenges. incorporating Ecovo media gives you the chance to reduce plastic waste by sharing environmental stories that matter.